Introducing Ava - our 60's vintage mobile champagne bar

Well, hello Ava!

Meet Ava, our 60's vintage mobile event Champagne bar.  She's just the second in our fleet of Little Champagne Carts and we're already in love with everything about her.  From her perfectly vintage light fixture (that really works!) to the adorable shelves just begging for something sweet and delicious to adorn them to the hidden storage that quietly houses all of the Champagne flutes and backstock treats.  We can barely contain ourselves!


We think she's perfect for a day at the park.  So we took her to Jacobson Park to test our theory, and yeah, we were right. But we forgot our picnic blanket... next time.


Then we thought, downtown Lexington could be the perfect spot for a glass of bubbly and a perfectly styled Little Champagne Cart.  Off to Gratz Park, we go. 

The gorgeous brick wall and iconic pink and blue houses caught our attention, so we stopped for a glass or two. 


We then made our way to the Carnegie Center and, of course, Gratz Park.  I love the iron gate, the brick pathway, and lush landscaping.  Wait until you see those palms! Obsessed.


Everyone we ran into LOVED Ava and our entire concept.  We can't help but get excited too!  We think every moment is worth celebrating and having Little Chamapagne Cart be a part of your day just makes sense.

From spending time at the park, to hosting a backyard fiesta, to your most important wedding day and every day in between.  Poolside, yes!  Ladies Day, you bet!  Wednesday, Absolutely!

So Cheers! to your next celebration – may you have something to cherish and celebrate every single day.  And when you're ready to book us just give us a shout.  We're excited to work with you!

Rayna Wallen